Ensuring formulation stability

Aus Cosmetics are a contract manufacturer and will require your company to provide to us the final formulation and manufacturing method prior to mass manufacture. We will test this method in our laboratory prior to full-scale manufacture and send a sample for your evaluation. We also offer pilot batch manufacture if this has not yet been completed.

If you seek a formula, you will need to seek a formulation chemist to help you develop the product. A list of formulators are available on the ASCC website. Stability of your formula and products is the responsibility of the company that the formula belongs to. The formula should be robust and laboratory tested prior to mass manufacture and market release. Inferior products made may lead to a recall, complaints and damage your brand reputation.


Major Services Provided by Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies

There are a number of tests that can be conducted to mitigate the risk of formulation failure. Whilst formulating, the formulation chemist is able to conduct a preservative efficacy test and a stability test. To briefly explain a preservative efficacy test ensures that the preservative chosen for the product is effective guarding against bacteria, mould and fungi. ACCC have previously issued product recalls of products with microbial growth. A stability tests is a series of tests in the final chosen packaging. You will need to coordinate this with your formulator, your packaging supplier and the laboratory conducting the stability test. Whilst these tests are an additional cost, they are usually a one-off cost unless packaging or formulations change. Be sure when you speak to your formulator that these tests are discussed as they help your company manage the risk.

Product insurance is another avenue to protect the business in case of an event. When you are confident your formula is robust and ready for market, please contact us for a free quote. The assortment of products on offer nowadays is quite impressive and includes the following:
  • Skin care products
  • Body care solutions
  • Hair care options
  • Face care products and more

The Process Of Cosmetic Manufacturing: What Does It Involve?

Cosmetic manufacturing consists of:

  • Formulation of the product
  • Manufacture
  • Fill and pack
  • Store and dispatch

Product formulation is the very first step that precedes the manufacturing process.This especially concerns the quality, efficacy, texture, aroma, color and general look of the product. It is a must to conduct microbiological, accelerated stability and preservative efficacy testing of each product before proceeding to its manufacture and this is exactly what formulation experts deal with.

The next stage of the process is manufacture. As far as the manufacturing techniques keep changing at high speed these days, it is a priority for each company to keep up with the latest advancements and innovations. That is why we frequently travel the world and explore the global cosmetic market to see exactly what leading manufacturers of cosmetic products are ready to offer their clients. Implementation of this knowledge and experience is a key to successful and rewarding manufacturing process.

As soon as a product is manufactured, it should be filled into appropriate containers. When it comes to cosmetics for skin, body and hair care, packaging materials are mainly represented by jars, bottles, tubes, sachets, pumps etc. Each product is further packed into boxes or cartons for enhanced maintenance and safe storage. There are specialists responsible for the fill and pack of cosmetic products, followed by store and dispatch.