Terms and Conditions

AUS Cosmetics Pty Ltd is a Contract Manufacturing company specializing in the production of Cosmetic, Toiletries, and Cosmeceutical products. We manufacture 50 kg up to 2 ton batches of your formulations that has been created especially for you.

We are proud that through our dedication of our team of professionals, many large industry names chose to call upon us for their development and production needs.  Once a prototype formulation has been agreed to, our laboratories can prepare sufficient product to enable samples for stability studies, clinical trials or small scale marketing evaluation, as required.

More often small scale manufacturing is required for cosmetic products for test markets or niche products. AUS Cosmetics Pty Ltd  can produce in its contract manufacturing division, batches of 50kg up to 2,000kg in single batches and higher in multiple batch runs.

Our filling and packaging lines offer a full pack and fill service including full services pick ad pack in bottles, jars, tubes or sachets.

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