Face Care Manufacturing

Are you looking for skincare products that have the potential of becoming best sellers in the beauty industry? Do you want to have a following of content customers who support your local and international retail outlets? Do you want to introduce a new line of beauty products that you hope would hit it big in the market? We are the Australian cosmetic manufacturers who are here to provide all the answers to these questions and more.

AusCosmetics has a strong reputation as a quality Australian skincare contract manufacturer. We use the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology for the each stage of working process. This makes our work faster than those of other manufacturers, therefore our prices are reasonable. As Australian skin care manufacturers, we ensure that our starting ingredients are well-tested and are of high quality. We understand the concerns of our customers who want to maintain a genuine relationship with their buyers and end-users. We work closely with business managers to network across the industry, to expand their markets and grow their business.

Here at Aus Cosmetics experienced and qualified professionals take precautionary measures and extreme care when manufacturing your products. We aim to match your specifications and to be consistent each time we manufacture. Filling and packing is a process which is done very carefully under the trained eye of our supervisors. Skincare products are filled into all types of containers, from bottles, jars, airless delivery systems, syringes, pumps, tubes to sachets. These are then placed into individual cartons and shipper boxes for retail or warehouse delivery. Batch numbers are inked on every single package so that they can be readily traced. We have strict Quality Control Departments, which ensure compliance to our highest level of standards.

We are trusted by private label skin care companies for top-quality skin care products that sell like hotcakes. If you find a successful private label skin care supplier in your area; chances are, we are behind that success! We are concerned about the business of our valuable clients, so we always produce the best products for them. Their business is our business. We will help expand and grow your business too!

Some of the face care products Aus Cosmetics can manufacture and fill include:

  1. Night cream
  2. Day cream (up to SPF 15)
  3. Face serums
  4. Eye makeup removers
  5. Facial cleanser
  6. Facial scrubs
  7. Facial peels
  8. Toners
  9. Facial spritzers (non aerosol)

Items currently not in our range are as follows however stay tuned for future capability changes:

  1. Tinted face creams
  2. SPF30 and SPF 50 sunscreens
  3. Coloured makeup such as lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows

If there is something you would like to manufacture and is not listed above, please contact our friendly staff for assistance!