Skin Care Formulation

With the rapidly increasing variety of skin care products that are available in the market nowadays, it seems difficult to select one which features the best and the most effective formulation.

Some companies focus on skin care treatment products that contain a large number of ingredients and some companies merely focus on highly marketable ingredients. The large number of ingredients may not necessarily be in the formulation at the optimal percentage and may only be included for label claim sake.

Others, however, believe that efficacy and quality of skin care products are closely connected with the components included. As a result, they spend much time researching new ingredients, their skin effects, pros and cons, compatibility with different ingredients and other features that can help create the unsurpassed formulation, which will meet the needs and requirements of their users. A high level of standard is what the Aus Cosmetics team consistently continually strive for. Realising the degree of responsibility to their clients, they do not only create high quality skin care products, but they aim to develop and keep up with advanced market trends, combining with safer formulations aiming to deliver maximum results.

The range of products can include:

  • Anti-ageing solutions such as creams and serums
  • Skin lightening and fading
  • Long lasting moisturisers
  • Skin polishes and scrubs
  • Skin peels such as alpha and beta acids
  • Minimising the amount and visibility of wrinkles and fine lines
  • reducing acne and dark spots
  • Sun protection of skin

Why is a well formulated skin care product important?

Regardless of the type of the skin care product customers may be looking for, quality and efficacy are always paramount. When it comes to purchasing a wrinkle minimiser, a hand cream or any other topical skin care product, most people look through the ingredients used. Each ingredient will have a different function for the skin. Each ingredient may work to various degrees depending on the type of skin it is applied to. What works well for one person, may not work as effectively in another. Careful and thorough ingredient selection is vital in order to produce a safe and effective skin care formulation.

Also contained in the cosmetic formulation are a number of different types of ingredients such as active ingredients, skin conditioners or emollients, functional ingredients such as thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives. Selection of a material is done after much consideration by the formulating chemist. The chemist exhibits subject matter expertise to ensure the ingredients are compatible with each other, functionally effective, stable within the intended shelf life and safe for the end user.