AUS Cosmetics is dedicated to providing premium grade cosmetics aimed at enhancing skin by targeting and eradicating problems. We strive to maintain the highest standards and improve them in order to remain one of the top skincare product manufacturers in Australia.

Only the best equipment and most advanced technology is used during the manufacturing process.

Utmost precaution is exercised every step of the way, so there is no room for error – the manufacturing is meticulously carried out by qualified professionals who have years of experience under their belt. All items are quality checked and only after passing a series of tests they are deemed ready to be sold. We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure there are no complaints from customers. Our Sydney skincare manufacturing operation consists of a wide range of machinery, such as tube filling and sealing machines, jacketed mixing tanks of up to two tonnes, drum roller, ribbon blender mixer just to name a few, to manufacture shampoos, conditioners, creams, serums, cleansers, oil blends, powders blends, scrubs, lotions and liquids, exfoliants, peels, skin treatment products, and much more. With this, we are able to fill and label tubes, bottles, airless packaging systems, jars, shrink wrap bottles, fill liquid and even fill powder sachets. We hope to further diversify our offerings in the future by adding more machinery variations and becoming a one-stop shop that perfectly meets your requirements.