cosmetic fotmulation

The team puts their wealth of knowledge together to create a formulation for a product from collated ideas and inspiration. We work to meet the client’s expectations in regards to the texture, colour, fragrance, appearance to create an innovative product.

Accelerated stability testing, microbiological testing and preservative efficacy testing (PET) is recommended for each newly created product prior to mass manufacture. These tests are optional to the client and are independently evaluated. These tests allow the client to be confident that the product meets the expectation of the intended shelf life.

Major Services Provided by Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies

The assortment of products they offer nowadays is quite impressive and includes the following:

  • Skin care products
  • Body care solutions
  • Hair care options
  • Face care products and more

The Process Of Cosmetic Manufacturing: What Does It Involve?

Cosmetic manufacturing consists of:

  • Formulation of the product
  • Manufacture
  • Fill and pack
  • Store and dispatch

Product formulation is the very first step that precedes the manufacturing process.This especially concerns the quality, efficacy, texture, aroma, color and general look of the product. It is a must to conduct microbiological, accelerated stability and preservative efficacy testing of each product before proceeding to its manufacture and this is exactly what formulation experts deal with.

The next stage of the process is manufacture. As far as the manufacturing techniques keep changing at high speed these days, it is a priority for each company to keep up with the latest advancements and innovations. That is why we frequently travel the world and explore the global cosmetic market to see exactly what leading manufacturers of cosmetic products are ready to offer their clients. Implementation of this knowledge and experience is a key to successful and rewarding manufacturing process.

As soon as a product is manufactured, it should be filled into appropriate containers. When it comes to cosmetics for skin, body and hair care, packaging materials are mainly represented by jars, bottles, tubes, sachets, pumps etc. Each product is further packed into boxes or cartons for enhanced maintenance and safe storage. There are specialists responsible for the fill and pack of cosmetic products, followed by store and dispatch.